Maundy Thursday – Pastor Matt teaches us about the word “BLESS” in Hebrew.  We learn how it indicates that God comes down to us to bless us.  Our relationship with God is based upon his coming down to us rather than our going up to Him.  (John 13)

Good Friday – Pastor Matt takes us back to Genesis 15 to see the importance of the darkness on Good Friday.  A covenant with Abram was made in a shocking way in a terrifying darkness, and it was kept in a terrifying darkness.

Holy Saturday –  In Isaiah 6 we see how amazing and terrifying it was for Isaiah to find himself in God’s presence.  As he confronted God’s holiness, he realized us own uncleanliness.  The Angel took simple tongs and a simple burning coal to Isaiah’s lips and he was cleansed.  God uses simple means to bring about his amazing work in our lives.