Fellowship Groups


Fellowship Groups Q & A

What is a  "fellowship group"?

A fellowship group is a group of members that gather around a  shared interest or hobby on a regular basis.


What's the purpose of having fellowship groups?

The groups are intended to help members connect with each other and build relationships outside of our regular worship time.  


How can I get involved in a group?

You can contact any group host directly via email to get information about their next gathering, and to be added to their contact list, or you can contact Katie for more information.

What if none of the groups listed really fit for me?

You're probably not the only one! These groups are the ones that are currently meeting on a regular basis, but there were many ideas for groups that just didn't quite get off the ground.  Let us know what you would be interested in doing, and we'll connect you with other people that have expressed a similar interest!

Who should I contact for more information?

Email Katie at dcekatie23@gmail.com


Groups Currently Meeting:

Knit  & Know Him


From the group: "Knit and Know Him meets at Church on Wednesdays, 1-2:30pm. Currently, we are a group of 6 people who knit, crochet or work on any small portable activity. We end our time together with a short prayer/devotion. We enjoy teaching interested people how to crochet/knit. Ask us about our Ministry Project: Twiddlemuffs."

Hosted by Jennifer Bauer

Email: jenniferbauer924@gmail.com


Parents of Teens 

From the group: "We meet once a month at Jason's Deli at 12:30 on a Sunday. We eat, catch-up with family news, and have a short devotional and discussion about raising teens."

Hosted by Kathleen Heller      

Email: jsheller1966@yahoo.com


St. Andrews Book Club

From the group: The book club meets once a month, with discussions led by Carol Hannah.  It's a fun evening of fellowship, while sharing and discussing opinions, insights, likes and dislikes of  that month's chosen book.

Hosted by Carla Staniec

Email: carla@sentryseasonings.com


SOSA/Soles of St. Andrews

From the group: "Our group of women meets at 9:00 am Thursdays in the Elm St parking lot. From there we walk and talk around the neighborhood for one hour. Our group varies from 2-6 people, and we would love to have you join us."

Hosted by Karen Rybowicz

Email: krybowicz@gmail.com


Grape Expectations


From the group: "We gather every other month, either at a church member’s home or a winery/wine shop, to savor the taste of wine and, as we do so, learn about the intrinsic qualities of wine. No knowledge of wine is necessary, although it is warmly welcomed. All are invited to join us for food, drink, and new friendships on this Grape Expectations journey."

Hosted by Karen Buric

Email: karen.buric@icloud.com


St. Andrews Young Adults


From the group: "We meet once a month on a Saturday night after the 5:00 contemporary worship service at St. Andrews. Usually, we will attend the worship service together, and then we will go to the event for that particular month, or we head over to someone's house for dinner, and time to just hangout. We have done events such as apple picking, a summer barbeque, game night and many more. We will send out a group email at the beginning of each month to set up a meeting time and event for that month. We would love to have you join our group!"

Hosted by Hannah and Dean Matthopoulos

Email: HDMatt0529@yahoo.com


Men's Pub Fellowship

From the group: "Come, join us! Raise a glass and celebrate life. Meet others and connect with men from the St Andrews School and Church Community.  Need an excuse to get out? Have a pint of craft brew and test your skill at a pub game.

Save the date: Second Thursday of the Month

To receive the monthly Evite announcement, please send an email to Dan Feltes at feltesd@gmail.com"

Hosted by Dan Feltes

Email: feltesd@gmail.com