The center of the Bible, the Christian faith, and what we believe, teach, and confess here at St. Andrew’s is found in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died and rose for sinners.  Everything we do centers around this truth. This act of God on the cross and the empty tomb gives life to people who are burdened by their own sin, guilt, and shame. We believe that apart from Jesus, we have no life or forgiveness because of our sinful nature. But God in his infinite mercy has sent his son Jesus Christ to die and rise for us so that we are restored to new life. We exist to enjoy God’s love, grace, and forgiveness and to share it with those who are hurting.

At St. Andrews, we believe in Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, and Faith Alone.

Scripture Alone: We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and the way that God communicates to believers today. The Bible is God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and is authoritative for everything we believe and teach at St. Andrew’s. We believe that Scripture is God’s holy and inspired Word and therefore is Truth and incapable of error. God’s Word makes us alive in Christ and allows us to know this God more fully.

Grace Alone: We believe that human beings are sinners and incapable by their own works to be made right in the eyes of God. Our works do not save us or merit us any good standing before God. Mankind is completely affected by Sin, and we are born sinful (Psalm 51:5). We are creatures that constantly desire to be our own god and live by our sinful desires. But instead of letting us go on our own way toward destruction, God loves sinners and seeks to save those who are lost. God singlehandedly finds us where we are in our lives and comes to us. God sent us his Son Jesus so that we may be found in Him. Jesus lived a perfect life and fulfilled the Law on our behalf so that by his death we have been made right before God. It is by faith we receive this grace, and it is this grace that saves us. We believe it is the works of Jesus that saves us, not our own.

Faith Alone: We believe that we receive the gifts of the life of Jesus through our faith in Him and this faith is given to us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Apart from the Holy Spirit, we cannot choose God or love God on our own – but our faith is given to us by God so that we may believe in His son Jesus Christ. Through our faith we receive the gifts of life in baptism by being made alive in Christ (Romans 6:4) and the gifts of forgiveness of our sins in Holy Communion where Christ is truly present. By faith we receive the grace by which we are saved (Ephesians 2:8-9).


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