Sermon: The Consolation of Israel (Luke 2) (12/31/23)

January 8th, 2024|

Pastor Sam helps us undertand a very touching moment in Scripture where and Old man (Simeon) gets to meet the Messiah he was promised he would meet before he dies.  You can hear the joy and hope in his voice and he holds the 8 day old Jesus and prophetically proclaims what this baby will grow up to do!  It was his consolation years ago, and it is ours today!

Sermon: Christmas Eve – Glory and Peace (12/24/23)

December 27th, 2023|

Pastor Matt teaches us that the desire of God's heart is to be with us and for us to be with Him!  He makes this possible in the birth of Jesus and we see that God did the most amazing thing to be with us.  And because of the death and resurrection of Jesus, we will be with Him forever!

Sermon: Impossible Made Possible (12/24/23)

December 27th, 2023|

Pastor Sam leads us through the interaction between the Angel Gabriel and Mary as he tells her that she will be the mother of the long awaited Messiah.  As Mary trusts God to the the impossible, bring about a child in a virgin mother, we are encouraged that God can do the impossible in our lives, redeem sinners and make us part of God's family!

Sermon: Turn Around! (Mark 1) (12/10/23)

December 11th, 2023|

Pastor Matt takes us to the beginning of Mark 1 where we meet up with John the Baptist.  We read that John was "proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins."  What does "repentance mean?"  It means to turn around.  Not just to turn from our sin, but to turn to see Jesus!  Listen and learn what this means for us!

Sermon: The End of All Endings (Matthew 25) (11/26/23

November 26th, 2023|

Pastor Matt wraps up the church year and our three parables from Matthew 25 by taking us through the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats.  This passage us unforgettable and can be more than a little disturbing!  But if we look carefully, we find that there is a lot of grace in these words that Jesus shares.  We should end up full of hope rather than despair when we read this parable!

Sermon: The End Part 2 (Matthew 25 Parable of Talents) (11/19/23)

November 25th, 2023|

Pastor Sam takes us back to Matthew 25 and the Parable of the Talents.  This parable is well known and is often seen as very disturbing.  What we learn is that how we understand the Master in the parable is how we will respond to it!  When we see a gracious God, we find grace in this parable of Jesus.

Sermon: The End Part 1 (Matthew 25) (11/12/23)

November 14th, 2023|

Pastor Sam kicks off a series of three parables from Matthew 25 by taking us through the challenging text regarding the Parable of the 10 Bridesmaids.  This parable calls us to question a lot about ourselves and our readiness to welcome the Bridegroom, Christ himself.  They key we find out is to look at the Bridegroom and not ourselves!