Sermon: You Can’t Have Two Masters (9/18/22)

September 18th, 2022|

Listen as Pastor Matt takes us through Jesus words in Luke 16:10-15.  If we aren't careful, money can easily become and idol in our lives.  How do we combat this?  We are generous!  When we give it ends up feeling less like sacrifice and more like joy.  Our biggest Joy is that no matter what, God loves us and calls us his own.

Sermon: The Cost of Discipleship (9.4.22)

September 7th, 2022|

Listen as Pastor Sam wrenches open some very difficult verses from the Gospels as he addresses Luke 14.  Does Jesus really say that we need to hate our family members?  What could all this mean?  The answer is oddly... it's different than you're thinking!  Listen!

Sermon: Jesus is Better (Hebrews 13) 8.28.22

August 28th, 2022|

Pastor Sam helps us unpack some pivotal verses at the end of the Book of Hebrews.  We see what a Christian life looks like, but we also learn that the Christian life is not the cause of Brotherly Love, but the RESULT of Brotherly Love!  It all starts with knowing what Christ HAS DONE for us already!

Sermon – Week 11 of Solomon, Way, Wisdom Warning – The End of the Matter (8.21.22)

August 21st, 2022|

Pastor Matt wraps up the Summer sermon series with a look at the last chapter of Ecclesiastes.  This chapter summarizes all of Solomon's inspired writings as we learn that Wisdom isn't just something we study, it is something we learn from living life!  God calls us to trust him and go!  The wisdom of God is like a goad that spurns us on in the right direction.  The biggest lesson we can learn is that we won't end up anywhere [...]

Sermon – Week 10 of Solomon, Way, Wisdom Warning – I’ve Got Competition In Me (8.14.22)

August 14th, 2022|

Pastor Sam asks the question, "what is driving you?"  For many of us, the real answer is that we are driven by a sense of jealousy, or desire for gain, or competition.  What we learn in Ecclesiastes Chapter 4 is that, while we all struggle with these to some degree, we need to learn to be content with God's provision and realize that we can NEVER earn or compete for a place in God's family.  This only comes as a [...]

Sermon – Week 9 of Solomon, Way, Wisdom Warning – More Than Time and Chance (8.6.22)

August 8th, 2022|

In week 2 of our look at the book of Ecclesiastes Pastor Matt takes us through chapter 9.  We read in this chapter that "Time and Chance happen to them all."  While this is true, how do we interpret this in light of the fact that we know God is with us?  Listen and find out how God uses Solomon and his book of Ecclesiastes to point us above everything under the sun to real hope and how he helps [...]

Sermon – Week 8 of Solomon, Way, Wisdom Warning – The Vapor of It All (7.30.22)

July 31st, 2022|

Pastor Sam introduces us to the book of Ecclesiastes.  For so many, this book is viewed as a "downer" or a pessimistic book because of the refrain that everything is "meaningless" or "vanity."  If we look at the Hebrew word, "Hevel" we can begin to understand this book in a completely different light.  In it, Solomon is teaching us to live will and full in the midst of every situation.  How does this work in light of God's direction and [...]

Sermon – Week 7 of Solomon, Way, Wisdom Warning – Wisdom Rises (7.24.22)

July 24th, 2022|

In Song of Songs chapter 2 we hear this phrase twice - "Arise my love, my beautiful one, and come with me."  While Song of Songs is a beautiful tribute to the gifts of love and marriage and the marital gift of a sexual relationship, there is much more to it.  This book also helps us understand how much we are treasured, loved, and valued by our God.  The Church is called in Scripture, "The Bride of Christ."  And that [...]

Sermon – Week 6 of Solomon, Way, Wisdom Warning – Untranslatable Love (7.17.22)

July 20th, 2022|

Listen as Pastor Sam teaches us about a powerful word and idea of love found in the Hebrew Scriptures in Song of Songs chapter 8.  The word "Chesed" describes a love that never gives us, that always pursues, and loved despite circumstances.   This is how God loves us, and He gives us a word-picture of this love by describing the love of a young couple in Song of Songs.  God loves us in an undying and unyielding way in his [...]