Sermon: Unto the Least of These

November 22nd, 2020|

Pastor Matt leads us through a look at the Parable of the Sheep and The Goats (Matthew 25) on the Last Sunday of the Church year.  This parable is full of judgement and leads to some fear and trepidation.  However, if we slow down and look at the whole parable, it is truly full of peace and promise.

Sermon: Intimately Known – Pastor Sam Reinhard

November 15th, 2020|

Pastor Sam teaches us about Jesus' Parable of the Talents.  This parable isn't as much about the end time, or stewardship as we might realize.  What we need to see first and foremost is how well the Master in the parable knows his servants.  Our Master knows us so well, and gives us all we need for life in him through his death and resurrection.

Sermon: Rendering Unto Caesar (Matthew 22)

November 9th, 2020|

In this post election week, we look at how Jesus deals with a highly political question from an unusual alliance.  Jesus challenges us to ask deeper questions than simple political questions, and to give all of ourselves to God and to love our neighbors (even those with whom we disagree, politically!) Matthew 22:15-22 15 Then the Pharisees went and plotted how to entangle him in his words. 16 And they sent their disciples to him, along with the Herodians, saying, “Teacher, we know that you [...]

Sermon Series “&” – Living & Dying

November 2nd, 2020|

Pastor Matt closes the sermon series on All Saints Sunday by exploring the tension of living at Christians and constantly being in the midst of life and death at the same time.  We look at Jesus words to the thief on the cross to see what it means to have hope in Christ in all seasons.

Sermon Series “&” – Different & United

November 2nd, 2020|

Pastor Sam leads us through a look at the Reformation and the early church.  Christians in every era have lived in the reality that the Body of Christ in his Church is at the same time very different, but also always united in Christ.

Sermon Series “&” – A Part Of & Apart From

October 18th, 2020|

In this sermon, Pastor Matt leads on an exploration of what it means to be a Christian in our current culture.  We learn a lot from those in the early church who dealt with the tensions of being dual citizens - citizens of this world AND citizens of the Kingdom of God.  God calls us to be fiercely involved in this world, and fiercely directed by our citizenship in heaven.  

Sermon Series “&” – Inward & Outward

October 12th, 2020|

Pastor Sam leads us through week three of our sermon series.  We look at how the early church impacted the world by going beyond having an inward focus.  The church knew the joy of Christ reaching outside himself to include us in His Kingdom.  As Christians we look beyond ourselves to reflect the love of Christ outward to a world that needs hope.

Sermon Series “&” – Respected & Reviled

October 7th, 2020|

Pastor Hoffmann leads us through a study of an important tension in which the early church lived.  The church was both reviled and respected for how they conducted themselves differently from the world around them.  That difference made itself especially clear in times of plague.  It is still true today, that when we follow Christ, we don't ever fit in exactly with any political group, or movement, or culture.  We will always be called to be different, and the world [...]

Sermon Series “&” – Vertical & Horizontal

October 7th, 2020|

Pastor Sam starts our Sermon series "&" with this sermon based upon the Great Commission in Matthew 28.  This series helps us learn from our Brothers and Sisters in the early church who followed the Holy Spirit's guidance to live in some true tensions.  Tensions in which the Church finds herself today.  Listen and learn about the tension of being both Horizontal and Vertical in our Focus.

HTSIM for Dec. 8, 2019

December 8th, 2019|

As we head into the second week of Advent, take a listen to Pastor Matt and Vicar Dan discuss the readings for the week, and the challenge of finding the LAW in the Gospel Reading and the GOSPEL message in the Old Testament reading!  Can this actually happen? Isaiah 11:1-10 New American Standard Bible (NASB) 1 Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, and a branch from his roots will bear fruit. 2 The Spirit of [...]